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Thread: Aussie coffee???

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    Aussie coffee???

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Does anyone have an informed opinion about Australian-grown coffee?
    With all the recent talk of peak oil Ive been pondering the distance my coffee travels to get to my cup and wondering if there was good quality coffee produced in Australia for a reasonable price.
    Unfortunately the least expensive green Australian coffee Ive been able to find has been $20/kg, which hardly seems sensible when you can get excellent coffee from trusted origins for half that price.

    Ill be driving from Canberra to the Sunshine Coast in a couple of weeks and thought Id stop off at as many plantations I can find along the way to see if I can find good coffee at a good price - any suggestions?


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    Re: Aussie coffee???

    Im sure that Andy does...hopefully, hell see this post and give an answer.

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    Re: Aussie coffee???

    The cost of labour is a helluva lot higher in Australia than in 3rd world countries. There is some stuff that is cheaper than $20/kg, green, but with Australian coffee, you definitely run the risk of getting what you pay for.

    Personally, Im quite willing to pay $20/kg green or $60/kg roasted for very good Australian coffee, like Mountain Top. Im not willing to pay $12/kg green for bad Australian coffee. If Australian coffee growers want to command those prices, they have to be able to deliver - patriotism isnt going to get me paying for stuff from the highest density farm in the world unless it tastes good.

    As for informed opinions; I have had a fair bit of Mountain Top over the years and it is usually absolutely excellent. Andy was able to secure some MT for CS and it has been available on beanbay. I had some coffee from Eureka last year - they have a small family-owned farm and the results were very good (review). In 2006, one of my most memorable coffees was an Australian "Coast" peaberry, which might have been the "Capricorn" coffee (review). The MT at its best is, IMHO, the best coffee ... an absolute powerhouse, full of rich body and interesting fruity flavours - last years bin 549 had a real coffee cherry flavour (compare it to the vial in the Nez du Cafe kit). The Eureka stuff was much more subtle, but with an amazing rose accent. The "Coast" stuff was pure chocolate, particularly in milk. I have had Zendtvelds and Skybury on occasion and Im not in a hurry to try either again. One of my co-workers speaks very highly of Jaques.



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    Re: Aussie coffee???

    im with luca on the Capricorn Coast, although my greens had some insect damage. jaques is good if you can get it green. I found their roasting too dark for my likeing

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    Re: Aussie coffee???

    There are variable qualities out there and like Luca said its trial and error. Most are very pricey, on a commercial scale anyway, and not all deliver.
    Many of the growers are roasting for themselves to cut out a set of markups. This is the greastest dissapointment in many cases as Ive tasted some local beans which have been murdered in the roasting process.

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    Re: Aussie coffee???

    Ive been impressed with Jacques from Mareeba, but they only sell roasted beans, from memory.

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    Re: Aussie coffee???

    I find it hard to justify $20/kg for Australian coffee green, I dont think its worth 2-4x as much as other stuff.

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    Re: Aussie coffee???

    a yank who is a bit of an australiophile here...

    this thread is interesting. i see from reading this thread that cost aside, some local, (aussie-grown) coffees are really good. interested to hear/read how they stack up against some of the known-good coffees from the established coffee growing regions of the world. just as good? nearly as good? better, even?


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    Re: Aussie coffee???

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    Hi Pete

    Quote Originally Posted by 687B6A6D6B6B7D74742D28180 link=1214003663/7#7 date=1315600496
    how they stack up against some of the known-good coffees from the established coffee growing regions of the world. just as good? nearly as good? better, even?
    You cant really compare as good or better because different coffee drinkers have different preferences. My preference is for African and Yemen coffee but I know of others who cant palate coffee from there. But I dont rate Aussie coffee as good as coffee from those regions.

    The Mountain Top Estate brand is considered top notch but Im sure you could buy as-good or even better from other Aussie coffee estates.

    With a normal espresso roast, you will enjoy rich honey/toffee flavours but dont have the body of some our neighbours coffee (PNG, Indonesia).
    Roasted lightly, you can expect some subtle fruitiness. and Ive even detected florals on some light roasts.

    I find that Aussie coffee is best enjoyed black, especially using manual brewing methods.

    Youll find more about Aussie coffee in the Cupping Room and Whats in My Grinder and Cup sections.
    The only way youll find out is to buy and try for yourself.

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