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Thread: How many cups is too many?

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    How many cups is too many?

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    My wife is beginning to worry about my obsession with all things coffee.

    If Im not browsing these forums, Im watching youtube / google videos or searching through the NZ auction site trademe looking at cofee machines. Anyways, one of the things I have been buying up on lately is coffee cups.

    I purchased six ACF108 (300ml) cups from a trader a few weeks ago, and have just purchased 10 "amy piper(?)" 190ml cups/saucers from another trader. This is to go with the 3 espresso sized ACF cups I have already (was 4, but 1 came to an unfortunate end). All these cups are for just the wife & I and about 10 home coffees a week between the two of us.

    Anyone elses crockery cupboard bursting at the seams with coffee cups of all shapes?


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    Re: How many cups is too many?

    I bought 300 of the ones I wanted in an auction lot.

    So tell your wife not to worry (yet).

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    Re: How many cups is too many?

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    Just last week I got 2 dozen coffee glasses (in 2 sizes) at Target just to compliment the cafe cups we have
    Its good to see the coffee inside. :)


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