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Thread: ACF Cups

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    ACF Cups

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    Hi All!

    Simple Question....What is an ACF Cup??

    Last week I was lucky enough to get hold of some Nuova Point Espresso and Capp. cups at the right price 8-)

    Im sure this has been discussed before, but I couldnt find anything in the search I did ::)

    Please put an end to my mystery!!!



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    Re: ACF Cups

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    James, I think you will find that ACF is simply an Italian manufacturer of cups / crockery.

    They will have any number of different "model" cups to choose from, so if you were looking for a particular type of cup manufactured by ACF you would have to know either the name or article code of the paritcular model, or know what it looks like, and it would also be more than helpful to know who imported them, because any number of traders could be importing from ACF, some with the same and some with different range cups/crockery.


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