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Thread: Fabulous cafes around Cairns

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    Fabulous cafes around Cairns

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    I will be heading North to Cairns (by plane) at the end of the week....travelling North from there by road towards Port Douglas.

    Does a fellow CS know of a cafe around this area that serves fabulous coffee?

    Cheers, Paolo

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    Re: Fabulous cafes around Cairns

    Best coffee Ive had up north is in Rehab opposite the Coles centre in Port Douglas, it is an espresso bar come net cafe.

    If you have time try and get to the plantations on the tablelands, worth the trip.

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    Re: Fabulous cafes around Cairns

    If you do get to the tablelands then the tour at Skyburys Australian Coffee Centre is informative and worth doing. Coffee is of an acceptable standard but they know how to charge for it. Malobert and Tichum Creek are also worthwhile. We havent visited Jacques.

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    Re: Fabulous cafes around Cairns

    I also recommend Rehab, once we tasted their coffee we didnt look any where else. They are using a Coffee Supreme blend and say that they only use beans up to 9 days post roast!
    Also, a trip up to the tablelands is a must. I enjoyed Skybury and The Coffee Works, they had the most amazing coffee museum.

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    Re: Fabulous cafes around Cairns

    Most of the coffee shops are ordinary. But they are better than instant (just). There are a couple near the Art Gallery just behind the Esplanade. If you are mobile it is worth taking a run up to Mareeba on the way you have Tichum Creek Coffee (Worth a visit the coffee is pretty good) they grow & roast their own and love their coffee, Jacques Coffee again they grow and roast their own (not to bad), Coffee Works (in Mareeba) not to bad and then there is Skyburys just out of Mareeba on the Dimbulah Road. I have been there twice and the second time the coffee was much better than the first. Great view over the valley and Restaurant for lunch. But for good coffee Tichum Creek would be my pick. ;)

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    Re: Fabulous cafes around Cairns

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Thanks, guys!

    Im off tomorrow and will check out the places that you recommended.


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