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Thread: Stoned coffee beans. Ouch.

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    Stoned coffee beans. Ouch.

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    My Iberital was happily grinding away when the hopper almost bounced off ---its quite common for it to do a little gentle dance during drinding--but this time a most unusual clunk emanated from its throat.

    Stopped the grind, but believing the culprit must have been a couple of extra hard rogue beans, proceeded. Again, the hopper almost leaped out and that unmistakable clunk. Stopped, and removed the hopper complete with beans.

    There, in the jaws of the conical burrs. was the real culprit -- a stone. About 1 cm round, metallic blue, the same shape and colour often found in road base.

    It was an illegal immigrant from South America, camouflaging itself in a batch of Colombian beans Id only roasted some three days ago. And although I tossed the hot beans around from colander to colander, the alien never did manifest itself at that stage.

    Ive been too worried sincee to have a close look at the burrs in case I see missing or jaggered teeth. But sooner or later the ordeal has to be faced. Brush them clean and inspect.

    I understand this sort of thing does hapen.... The perils of home roasting.

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    Re: Stoned coffee beans. Ouch.

    ...sends a chill up my spine just reading it...

    Its a surprise in the colombian too, it appeared to be very clean

    (if it was indo or yemen you would get no prizes for finding a stone!)

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    Re: Stoned coffee beans. Ouch.

    My one and only grinder interloper, so far, was a small chunk of metal...
    Kind of looked like the head of a flat top nail. I cant remember what beans I got the free gift with.
    Theres an idea for you Andy, a surprise *gift in every tenth bag of beans. *:)


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    Re: Stoned coffee beans. Ouch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Freeman link=1126252574/0#1 date=1126350731
    ...sends a chill up my spine just reading it...

    (if it was indo or yemen you would get no prizes for finding a stone!)
    Is this legal-speak for "Let that be a warning to all of you end users" ? :D

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