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Thread: Coffee on the Upper North Shore (Sydney)

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    Coffee on the Upper North Shore (Sydney)

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    The Upper North Shore is littered with coffee shops. *The small Wahroonga shopping village alone has 9 coffee shops. *Yet the “Good Coffee Where?” thread mentions only one at Marsfield. *Maybe it’s the only one worth mentioning, I don’t know. *Anyway, if any of you coffee connoisseurs are aware of a place I can taste well made espresso up my way, Id like to know.

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    Re: Coffee on the Upper North Shore (Sydney)

    Gday BobT,
    yeah, theres 9 coffee shops in that village, Id only confidentally pay for a coffee at 1 of those. Used to be more until a bit of rearranging on the upper level let the coffee quality slip.
    That area is my semi-local FWIW.
    Might seeya around there!

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    Re: Coffee on the Upper North Shore (Sydney)

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight

    Thanks for that. However you are a little too cryptic for me. Am I right in thinking that the one coffee shop you refer to is a non-site sponsor whose name invokes the inhabitants of a small Scandinavian county?


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