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Thread: Desperately seeking cheap (semi)commercial grinder

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    Desperately seeking cheap (semi)commercial grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ive recently started working at a local food co-operative, and when I started there I discovered a fairly unused San Marino twin group espresso machine gathering dust.
    After convincing them to let me brush the dust off it and start selling coffee I had to find a grinder because I felt so dirty using preground coffee.
    I brought in an old Gaggia MM grinder I had in the cupboard, but grinding into a container is so awkward, especially when making a few at a time.

    So Im after a cheap, or cheapish, preferably secondhand commercial or semi-commercial grinder - Its a not-for-profit co-op and the money for the grinder would more than likely come partially out of my pocket.

    What would you recommend?
    Even better, do you have something that would do the job?

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    Re: Desperately seeking cheap (semi)commercial gri

    Is there any reason why the cost of a grinder couldnt come from sales of coffee at the co-op? That would allow you to buy a better grinder, presumably (dont know how big the co-op is), and would match the coffee machine better. (Just a suggestion - as most not for profits still need to cover overheads and operating costs.)

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    Re: Desperately seeking cheap (semi)commercial gri

    Hey bogongtiger,
    I think its a bit of a catch 22 - I dont want to promote the fact that were selling coffee now too much because my Gaggia MM is so slow that it takes about two minutes to dose a coffee, and Im concerned about drumming up a lot of interest and then sending everyone away disappointed because they had to wait half an hour for their coffee.

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    Re: Desperately seeking cheap (semi)commercial gri

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    What kinda round-about budget are you thinking?

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