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Thread: Good coffee shop Northside Brisbane

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    Good coffee shop Northside Brisbane

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    I had to re-register (andy - if you see this can you delete my other account NeedCoffeeee.....?- I had trouble re-logging in after password reset wouldnt happen)


    I am looking for a coffee shop that does GREAT coffee and breakfast for Fathers Day. *Does anyone have any recommendation?

    I read about Jett at Hendra but I do not feel like ripping off the bank to pay for the coffee they serve. * (and after paying approx $9 for turkish bread and vegemite previously - I am of the opinion that it is a bit rich!)
    I am looking for a good coffee shop that sells bacon and eggs etc for brekky. for a good price....


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    Re: Good coffee shop Northside Brisbane

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Have a gander here mate..... :)


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