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Thread: Peak Coffee

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    Peak Coffee

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    Re: Peak Coffee

    [ch9702]The term “peak coffee” will become an instant sensation. While not truly indicative of the phenomenon occurring in the coffee industry, it will nonetheless become a topic of household discussion and insightful internet blog chatter. Alternative country singers will begin writing songs about the days before peak coffee, and how things have now changed. The irony is that these songs will be played acoustically in coffee houses, the very places that helped bring about the rise and fall of peak coffee.
    I thought the link was going to be about Peak Coffee in Port Macquarie and Launceston.

    I guess the Aussie Peak will be pretty happy that their business name will become a worldwide coffee catch phrase.


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    Re: Peak Coffee

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    I took the shade off my plants last week.

    Now I feel guilty.
    Ill have to cover them back up tomorrow.

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