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Thread: PNG Waghi AA

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    PNG Waghi AA

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    I know its early...I havent even sampled my central american beans from the most recent bean bay (must have patience), but Im running low on my Waghi which has become a quick favourite.

    Its been a month or two since weve had some on offer...surely it time. :D

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    Re: PNG Waghi AA

    I sampled a nice PNG Kinjibi that Im trying to chase for the next BeanBay but if it doesnt arrive I can still get some of the Wahgi from the same lot as our previous offerings.

    There is a fair chance one of the PNGs will appear.

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    Re: PNG Waghi AA

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    just a friendly (and very early) "bump" anticipating the new year... :)

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