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Thread: brazil santos

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    brazil santos

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    I had some of this, and it was very mild, but very nutty and chocolatey. I thought a bit like the mocha java decaf. Im keen to get some more. I also read a bit about blending, and this was suggested as a starting point. So I like it, and also want to use it to try blending. If this isnt available, any suggestions what I should look out for?

    Thanks, Damian.

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    Re: brazil santos

    A lot of the santos samples we see are pretty boring and often badly graded which is why they dont turn-up on CS much. The good news is that we have really nice Brazil in the next BeanBay which should act as the base you want.


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    Re: brazil santos

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    excellent. Thanks. Yeah I understood there were lots of different "brazil santos", and I couldnt be more specific about what I tried.

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