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Thread: Phones stolen in break-in - Dubbo

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    Phones stolen in break-in - Dubbo

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    Phones stolen in break-in
    Monday, 24 October 2005

    A Centro Dubbo store has been forced to boost security after more than $20,000 worth of mobile phones plus an unknown quantity of cash was snatched from the premises in an overnight attack. AXXIS ComWorld fell victim to the robbery between 7.20pm on Thursday and 8.30am Friday after the offender tore a sheet of iron off the centres roof before punching a hole through the gyprock ceiling of the store. An AXXIS spokesman said about 30 mobile phones were stolen in the theft - worth an estimated $20,000. "People think phones are worth zero dollars but most phones are actually worth between $500 and $1000 each - there would have been 20 to 30 phones stolen easily," he said. He said some of the stolen phones were already damaged and ready to be sent away for repairs and the business had since blocked access to most of the stolen new phones. "In general, the phones will be pretty useless to them," he said. This is the first time the shop has been robbed and, as a result, the alarm system was upgraded and more secure locks were placed on cupboard doors. He added that while the stores contents were insured, the business would still end up forking out the excess. Dubbo police duty officer Acting Inspector Max Coffee said crime scene investigators examined AXXIS ComWorld and the offender was still on the run yesterday afternoon. The break-in echoes an attack on the centre just two months ago where two youths were caught in an internal office of Coles supermarket after setting off the stores alarm. Dubbo police and detectives had responded to the alarm, which sounded at about 3am on August 11, and found a rear fire exit door at the centre had been forced open. It is believed discussions are currently under way between Centro Dubbo store owners and Centro manager Chris Muir in regard to upgrading security in the whole centre.

    from: ral%20news&story_id=433415&y=2005&m=10

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    Re: Phones stolen in break-in - Dubbo

    Strap yourself in and feel the Gs

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    Re: Phones stolen in break-in - Dubbo

    Theres a code you can plug in to your mobile to display the serial number. Keep this number safe, and if your phone is ever stolen, reporting this number to your service provider will render the handset useless. The only one who really loses out when your mobile is stolen is you, the provider gets a new contract, and you pay for a new handset as well, and the thief gets a new handset.

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    Re: Phones stolen in break-in - Dubbo

    How do you like your coffee, sir?
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