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Thread: Maltitude is grinding into the ground.

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    Maltitude is grinding into the ground.

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    Well it looks like a sad day has come for coffee drinkers in the CBD.
    Maltitudes new owners are about to grind the bussiness into the ground.

    Since Andrew left, Marika (I think thats her name) has been holding the forte has also gone, the coffee quality is gone with them. The other girls who worked there have also left.. The food staff seem to be kicking about still, but is suspect they too likely to leave?

    Yet another bad experience today, too many to accept as occasional error, has left this coffee lover hunting for a new coffee shop in the CBD. Todays double ristretto flat white, came out stronger than a double expresso. It was that strong "milk for colour" would be the best way to describe it, also tasting insanly bitter. And their famous latte art - gone! Well a 2 year old could have done better with their eyes closed. This isnt the first time they are giving out bad coffee, its becomming the norm.. Even the hot chocolates suck!

    Andrew was back last thursday, not looking real impressed that hed been dragged in, he didnt say much when asked.

    In their defence, they do have two new staff, but the coffees we had today were made by an asian guy (new owner?), who was giving hands on training to the new staff.

    Looks like im off on the hunt to find another shop in the CBD that does a decent coffee.


    (Opinions expressed are my own and not related to this website or any one else.)

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    Re: Maltitude is grinding into the ground.

    Hmmm maybe we should have a poll? (if there isnt already one...?)

    What are everyones favorite coffee spots in the CBD?! This is about the coffee only rather than the whole experience I guess.

    For me I wouldnt know, I shunt between a half a dozen so-so places bitching and moaning about the coffee but never go further afield to find anything better.

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    Re: Maltitude is grinding into the ground.

    I like going to Well Connected which is in Glebe. Dodgy look to the place (hey, its Glebe) but they serve Campos. Or just down the road there is Sappho Books, which has an espresso bar at the back with the bold statement that "ristrettos are our speciality!" printed above the price list.

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    Re: Maltitude is grinding into the ground.

    I reacon a poll on this could be a good plan perhaps? Recomendations the like.

    Have to go with Bean Ground & Drunk, with Chris at the top of the list, then St Ali over in South Melbourne. Another great spot is Scilia on the very city end of Brunswick St. Lever espresso classic old school style (try the sarnies too, cheap as chips!)

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    Re: Maltitude is grinding into the ground.

    Thanks for the compliment Andy- we aspire to the standard of coffee which was provided by Malt. Unfortunately Im just not at bgd every day :(...that said, we aim for consistently high standard and happily go again if ever anyone is disappointed with their brew. I have just employed two staff who used to work at the box hill things will get better. Ill be there for a few hours whenever I can on the weekends and definitely this saturday for the CS crew pre bean alliance tour ;)

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