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Thread: Perth - Coldest Weather on Record

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    Perth - Coldest Weather on Record

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    Yeow, Perth had the coldest Spring weather in 16 years then the coldest December since records began while in the East...

    Yes, in Sydney it was so hot yesterday they tell me that the beans would reach first crack before you hit the on switch on your popper!

    New Years Eve it was 15 degrees at midnight after the mercury rocketed to 22C during the day. Overall the average temperature for December was 23.4C which compares to long term averages of 26.second crack for November and 29.first crack for December. The December average was in fact only 0.6C warmer than the October average of 22.8C.

    We havent had the air con on this year yet which is truly weird. It does look now though like summer may have begun with the temperatures looking to stay near 30C for a week. This is still below the January averages but not by much and is quite pleasant.

    Mind you 45.2 degrees in Sydney is a bit much...


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    Re: Perth - Coldest Weather on Record

    A 24 degree average is pretty low. The comfort factor must be high though, except for the wind!. Good coffee drinking temperature. Thank God for a nice 23 degrees in Syd at the moment. Its like a refreshing swim all day long. Couldnt handle another scorcher. The poor grass has turned a light brown :(

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    Re: Perth - Coldest Weather on Record

    ---And the weather bureau tells us 2005 ws the hottest year on record, with WA (the Pilbara) having scored the highest temperature.
    So much for Global Warming.

    But Melbourne must take the prize for the weirdest weather, for New Years Eve. The forecast was 42.

    It got to about 28 mid morning before the temperature plunged to 24. No way it would increase after that southerly change, says I. But the Weather Bureau still amended its forecast to 32.

    The mercury, having plunged....began climbing again. By late afternoon it not only got to the amended 32....but went on to exceed the ORIGINAL forecast, with a sweltering 43.

    Ah Melbourne....beautiful one moment, unpredictable the next.

    Mind you, its been Spring-like since, with summer once again evading us for the third consecutive year.

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