From the Historic Houses Trust calendar:

"When the first espresso was extracted from a whirring Gaggia-style machine in 1950s Sydney, it was by no means the citys first taste of the mysterious black liquid. *Coffee may have arrived with the First Fleet, but its acceptance and widespread use in Sydney is a story of wowsers, sophisticates, bohemians and migrants. *Hear the story, sample the coffee and learn how to make coffee the Italian way.

Speakers: Tania Cammarano, editor of Tastedotcomdotau and boutique coffee producer Aldo Cozzi, from *boring blatant plug removed* Coffee."

Venue: Museum of Sydney
Date: Wednesday 7 October
Time: 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Cost: $25.00 general public, $20.00 concession, $20 members

Booking can be made via tickets.hht.netdotau or 02 8239 2211.

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Could be fun - we could ask Aldo what makes his coffee so...."deep".