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Thread: Today Tonight (30 Jan 06)

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    Today Tonight (30 Jan 06)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Heard a rumour there is to be a coffee story on tonights edition (30 Jan 06). *The story is coming out of Melbourne. *Whether it makes it nationally to air will depend on the editorial importance.

    If anyone sees or has seen it - post your thoughts.


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    Re: Today Tonight (30 Jan 06)

    saw this post too late... anyone else catch it?

    (Im curious now!)

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    Re: Today Tonight (30 Jan 06)

    I saw the story... I swear I dont usually watch Today Tonight *:-[ *:)

    Started out talking about how the numbers of workers taking coffee breaks is ever increasing and it has become an issue for employers. There was a comparison between coffee drinkers and smokers. Apparently going for a coffee takes 20 minutes... :-? At up to 3 times a day.
    Solution, you guessed it, superautos in the office. One person walks over and makes coffee for a few people and less work time is lost.

    Thats about it I think.

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    Re: Today Tonight (30 Jan 06)

    Three times a day x 20 minutes for coffees?
    And they say industrial productivity has increased.

    Remember the old messy cafe bars ( do they still exist?) In our work place some kind soul had to walk a long way to the nearest tap--the toilets, fill the plastic water container, walk back and empty it into the tank. That was before plumbing.

    The cafe bar sustained us for years, until the workplace moved to a
    retail precinct with coffee shops tripping over each other.

    Still, wasted time in the new enlightened age was about 10 minutes. The time ti took to go downstairs and order a takeaway. Maybe 20 if we sat down, but made up for it when we invariably skipped lunch.

    Then, the next workplace was--as the first--in an isolated environment, away from a retail precinct, so back to the instant muck.

    Reminiscing Robusto

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    Re: Today Tonight (30 Jan 06)

    Workplace facilities have come a long way.

    Obvioulsy coffee machinies are high on the list these days.
    Filtered water is a must.

    We regularly see fully stocked breakfast bars, daily lunch platters and good supplies of juice. *When I say "see" I dont mean here in the Gilkatho boiler rooms I mean at our hard working customers office kitchens.

    Spoke to a couple of Defence members the other day, they are still putting money in each fortnight to share the cost of their instant coffee. *One extreme to another.

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    Re: Today Tonight (30 Jan 06)

    My old office had what i think are referred to as superautos. Basically the machine is one button operated and it does everything from grinding the beans to frothing the milk for you.

    No Mess, No Fuss.... apparently.

    I swear that machine was broken or being serviced every 2 weeks. I cant remember the brand, but the coffee wasnt particularly good. Basically you had a choice between instant, that machine and going downstairs and buying one, it was the happy medium.

    With that said, I have yet to work in an office with an espresso machine that required any kind of barista knowledge to operate...

    It sounds like another sensationalist baseless article by Today Tonight.

    Apparently people are taking 3x20min coffee breaks a day? I dont think the coffee has anything to do with the cause of this problem. The cause in this case is slack workers, they could as easily be drinking water, tea, smoking, etc.

    Thinking about it briefly the times to make:

    Instant Coffee < 5mins
    Espresso Coffee Non-Auto 5mins max
    Espresso Coffee SuperAuto <5mins (generous)

    If people are lounging about chinwagging unnecessarily its because they are being slack, not because they are drinking coffee :-)

    Though with that said, it is nice to take a 10min break when youve been working/thinking hard on something to just clear your head. But even 3 of those a day is within your legal allowance (time wise).

    To my knowledge legislation states that for any four hour period of work an employee must be allowed a 15 minute paid break. In addition, any shift of (I think) 6 hours or longer is allowed an unpaid meal break. Which I think must be 30mins at least.

    Anywho.. I think you get the idea.. :)


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