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Thread: Queen Victoria coffee

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    Queen Victoria coffee

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    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is in the correct forum and this is my first post so be gentle.
    Found out about this forum through 2muchcoffeeman as I took part in the coffee academy a few weeks back.
    Been lurking for a while and now have reason to post.

    Had a rep/owner from Queen Victoria coffee walk into my cafe today, had never heard of them before.
    Theyre a local roaster and their prices look very reasonable.
    She didnt have a smaple with her and although they dont list the roast date on packaging said she could do it in future.

    Has anyone heard of them before or better yet used their coffee?


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    Re: Queen Victoria coffee

    Hi TakeAim. Welcome aboard! :)

    Could this be "Coffea", which is just next door to one of the entrances of the Queen Vic market??

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    Re: Queen Victoria coffee

    Thanks Robster, no its not coffea as I know that place well.
    Its a roaster that has its office located close to the Vic market and the roaster is out near monash uni somewhere.

    I left all the info at work and all I can remember is that they use a 60kg roaster, ill post more tomorrow.

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