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Thread: Know where its bean - The Australian

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    Know where its bean - The Australian

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Know where its bean
    The Australian IT News
    MARCH 21, 2006

    STARBUCKS coffee bean shipments from Guatemala to Europe and the US will be remotely monitored by tracking devices, the company says.

    Seattle-based coffee chain Starbucks became the first business to buy GE Security tool CommerceGuard, an electronic system that monitors the movements and openings of shipping containers.

    Shipments of green coffee beans from Guatemala will be monitored to detect whether there is any tampering by thieves, competitors, terrorists or others.

    "Were taking a proactive approach in using GE CommerceGuard as one of the tools to maximise the companys supply chain integrity and mitigate security exposures to our customers, partners, communities and countries of origins," Starbucks supply chain operations vice-president Dorothy Kim says.

    CommerceGuard security tags will be magnetically stuck to the insides of metal shipping containers and register when the doors are opened.

    Data gathered by the tags can be read by handheld or fixed scanners, which register the information in a computer data base. CommerceGuard is jointly owned by GE Security, Siemens Building Technologies in Europe and Mitsubishi Japan.

    from:,7204,18536776%5e15306%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html?from=r ss

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    Re: Know where its bean - The Australian


    Who could be bothered nicking *bucks coffee? I wonder what issues they were having. Maybe people were stealing in and swaping the coffee for sheep poo. ;D

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    Re: Know where its bean - The Australian

    Perhaps someone is stealing their shipments of mugs and other cr*p they sell.

    Have you seen the price of their merchandise? Sod the coffee, if we sell 8 mugs a day, we can retire at 40.

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