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Thread: Site sponsor excursion report....

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    Site sponsor excursion report....

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    After many discussions with Attilio, I booked some flights and had the honour of spending a whole day in Canberra as a guest of Cosmorex Coffee on Friday 24th March ...and what a day it was!

    We started the day with expertly made very fresh coffee, and a look through what must be one of the most comprehensive showrooms of coffee equipment in Australia *:o. I toured the roasting plant and drooled over the stocks of green beans (some great quality origins and a few boxes of really really special stuff) and had a good look at how artisan roasting 45 kilos at a time works- probat style- and very much maximise quality, integrity and freshness.

    For me, the main purpose of the day was to tinker with some top end domestic machines to get a good feeling of how they work and to solve faults with them, but I gained a whole lot more than that.

    Attilio is a site sponsor who gives most generously of his time and knowledge to CS members and he took a whole day out of his business to show me around and educate me about the workings of a bigger operation. All business owners know that there is significant cost associated with a day away from the desk.

    We also had long discussions about providing value add to CS members...initially in the form of a very special machine and grinder deal for this month- because we believe that a sponsor can offer something more than just a shop front to acknowledge the support and referrals that CSers can bring to our businesses.

    We now have a CS first- a unique and once only offer up for your perusal in the for sale section for you to check out....In addition, we hope to join together to offer other special deals every so often....Hopefully some other sponsors will grab the bandwagon too and everybody wins because this will be where CS members shop for coffee equipment *;)...

    Yet again I observed great passion for coffee and the whole process from crop to cup....This passion for what we do can be hard to find in other industries these days but not at Cosmorex.

    For those of you heading in the direction of Canberra, I cannot recommend too highly that you put aside some time, pop in and meet the face of Cosmorex and the staff of the operation- youll be glad you did!

    Attilio, thank-you for a wonderful day.

    Chris N

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    Re: Site sponsor excursion report....

    Sounds like you had a great time. I had the day off and could have tagged along, but alas, we we in the middle of moving our worldly posessions from one end of Canberra to the other. >:( I would have much rather been at Cosmorex ;D


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    Re: Site sponsor excursion report....

    Many thanks for your kind words Chris. And yes, I also enjoyed the day, there should be more networking sessions like this!

    Kind regardz,

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