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Thread: The power of caffeine

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    The power of caffeine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Caffeine deprived condo residents feeling powerless

    Residents of City Walk Condominiums in downtown St. Paul say they are making trips to coffee shops out of necessity and are not just being social.

    The 230-unit condominium complex at 66 East 9th St. is starting its second day without power. The power went out about 6 a.m. on Wednesday.

    Karl Karlson, one of the residents, said signs in the building inform residents that the problem has been found and utility workers are finding parts for a transformer.

    A backup generation has an elevator working and it powers lights in hallways, he said.


    I had a laugh A huge housing complex with-out electricity and whats the headline? No caffeine. Oh the power of coffee! ;D

    Java "All powered up" phile

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    Re: The power of caffeine

    isnt Karl Karlson the black guy from the Simpsons?

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    Re: The power of caffeine

    He he,
    Maybe when the residents get back from the coffee shop, they can all jump onto a treadmill and generate some power for the building, the caffeine should keep them going for ages *;D
    The dude in The Simpsons is Carl Carlson, and he has a degree in nuclear physics. Aahh, the things you find out there on the world wide web *::).

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