From time to time one of the admins will delete or move posts.

We can now split and splice or move part of a thread as I have added the mod to do it. So if it goes off topic we can now do something about it and it can now be moved to whatever topic it belongs to. However chances are irrelavent posts may still be deleted to keep the site looking neat and tidy, and people are still searching through these posts to try to find relevant information to answer there questions or while they try to learn what home roasting is all about.

So if you have something different to say in a thread please start a new thread under the relevant topic. Which is simply the same as newsgroups rules and saves us time in trying to tidy up the site.

We still recommend you keep back ups of what you post as we wont. We will also be deleting old posts to save space on the server, which if we go over we get charged for.

Occasionally we will also delete/move posts to make a thread "Look" right. This is also un-aviodable and stops the site looking messy.

Also we all are very busy and we dont have the time to email all posters for each post that is deleted it takes a lot of time just cleaning up the forum let alone emailing people before we delete the posts.

Once deleted there is no possible way to get them back. So if you want a copy of what you have said you will have to copy and paste into a file of your own.