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Thread: Atomic to be produced again.

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    Atomic to be produced again.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi, did anyone else see this article in the A.G.T. mag from Woolies, page 127?

    "Prized Possession. * *Atomic espresso Coffee maker.
    “Impossible to buy for years, there’s new hope-Italian manufacturer Brevetti Robbiati is putting them back into production and they should be available later this year. Enquiries, Tel *(02)9331 2007."

    I have to admit that I would love one. :D


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    Re: Atomic to be produced again.

    Im sure Ive heard that these have been spoken about being reproduced by someone else a couple of years ago (sorry cannot recall who).

    I seem to recall that the price of the reputed new/reproduced/replica Atomic was a bit steep.

    If anyones given them a bell maybe the info received could be posted here??

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    Re: Atomic to be produced again.

    I Have one , an Old one, My suggestions would be make it from SS, Will be takimg it up to the Pistol Club next week as MatG has sent me some Cuban Beans , andf as we have no Power up there but a Steady supply of Gas its the best Option.. Done this a few times already, Will Roast the Beans which will probably arrive Monday - On Tuesday abd let them rest till the saturday..

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    Re: Atomic to be produced again.

    Pls Xcuse Sprlling typos in previous post ,. Have been decanting Grifith Port purchased at Growers REates, not quite a Firkin buit close...
    Sadly Im Failing n..
    Tepin- after the 7th try
    Buy Griffith portr

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    Re: Atomic to be produced again.

    Give the Bon Trading Company in Sydney a call. They were the importers of Atomic way back when, and were also peddling them a couple of years ago when a small number were apparently produced again. At that point they were selling these new ones for $385.00.

    They may well know if production is to start yet again.


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