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Thread: Coffee Addiction May Be Grounded in Genes

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    Coffee Addiction May Be Grounded in Genes

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Coffee Addiction May Be Grounded in Genes
    Finding might also indicate sensitivity to other drugs, experts say

    WEDNESDAY, April 6 (HealthDay News) -- Genetics may help determine how much caffeine one craves, new research indicates, with differences in two specific genes driving people to consume more -- or less -- of the worlds most popular stimulant.

    New research suggests that individuals who carry a so-called "high-consumption" variation of either gene appear to drink more coffee, relative to those who carry a "low-consumption" variant.

    "Its really an incredible story," said study co-author Dr. Neil Caporaso, branch chief of genetic epidemiology at the National Cancer Institute. "People dont really suspect it, but genetics plays a big role in a lot of behaviors, such as smoking and alcohol consumption. And now it turns out that it has a part in how much caffeine we drink."


    Full article here:

    Java "Feeling the buzz" phile

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    Re: Coffee Addiction May Be Grounded in Genes

    Now that could explain alot!!!

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    Re: Coffee Addiction May Be Grounded in Genes

    That is definitely interesting.

    I never liked coffee, I dont smoke and I drink very little and I have never done any other sort of drugs, although have been around a few.* I now do like coffee but I have never got a buzz from it, I drink it because I enjoy the taste not because I need it.

    Looking at my parents, my father also enjoys a cup of coffee but he also doesnt need it, my mother prefers tea over coffee and then its herbal so no caffeine, neither of them drink a lot of alcohol and neither smoke.

    I have two sisters and a brother, none of them smoke and also drink very little and honestly I dont think they drink much if any coffee.

    Seriously when I think about both sides of my extended genetic families I think its pretty much all the same, but if I take into consideration all of their wifes and husbands then that is different as many of them drink a lot and I can remember people being drunk at family outings.

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    Re: Coffee Addiction May Be Grounded in Genes

    Quote Originally Posted by 52796E79687071747D180 link=1302654332/0#0 date=1302654332
    Coffee Addiction May Be Grounded in Genes
    After a full day of roasting I think my jeans are grounded in coffee ;D

    Seriously though, I am one of those who NEEDS coffee so perhaps this does explain things a bit


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