Hi Everyone,

We have added new boards to the forum for all Official Advertisers. Their business name, address and contact details will be listed under their state so members can have quick reference to businesses within their state.

The new "Official Advertising" boards are ONLY for the names and contact details of the official advertisers, therefore members will not be able to post on these boards. The Advertisers business name and contact details will be set up by Admin.

Official Sponsers (who will be by invite only) will be allowed a discription of the area they specialise in and their experience. All other advertisers will be Business name, address and contact information only

Charities will get a free baner that will link directly to their web site and a brief discription of what their organisation is about.

We are trying to keep the forum as neat and easy to navigate as possible while allowing members easy access to advertisers information.

Its our hope that we all benefit from advertisers information, both those offering products as well as those offering services such as Barista Training etc. and gain from the Official Sponsors wealth of knowledge that they will contribute to the forum.

Rae and Rich