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Thread: New Sponsor: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

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    New Sponsor: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Dear Coffee Snobs Members,

    Di Bartoli had just joined CS as a sponsor. We were following up closely your comments, suggestions and in times, confusion over which hardware is the right one to go with. We were pleased to see how sponsors in other states are helpful with hardware technical advise, beans recommendations and the actual purchase process.

    With our sponsorship, we wish to extend CS members more options for sourcing their hardware, receiving technical advice, repairing their machine, getting their freshly roasted beans, and most importantly, enjoying a conveniently located retail outlet in Sydney that provides the opportunity to experience EVERY machine we carry, draw out your own conclusions and eventually take more knowledgeable decisions.

    Di Bartoli Coffee Centre endeavors to create a unique concept in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, which blends an espresso bar, appliance retailing, technical services workshop, a coffee school and a coffee library, all under one roof. We invite CS members to contact us for any hardware advise, repair issues, inquiring about our Home Barista training or drop by for a play out with the machines, look for that special coffee related gift, browse through industry magazines, or simply enjoy a good cuppa from any blend / single origin you choose. *

    Di Bartoli offers CS member 5% discount on all machines, grinders & accessories for your first purchase. We carry Rancilio, Ascaso, Isomac, Bezzera, ECM, Mazzer and Expobar. If we do not have what youre looking for, we will do our outmost to get it for you!

    We are looking forward to become in the future a venue for any geeks assembly, more or less formal. We also value your opinion about our current set up, and would welcome any suggestions to make our little coffee haven a more enjoyable and helpful place. Please write to:, or call: 02-9389 9892

    Talk to you all soon. Di Bartoli Team

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    Re: New Sponser: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

    Im going to be the first to say Welcome Di Bartoli!

    And its great to see another Sydney based coffee place support this website. I look forward to your contributions here as much as we all enjoy 2mcm and Fresh Coffees input. Hope your sponsorship is just as productive for you! :)

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    Re: New Sponser: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

    Gotta be quick to beat Scoots ;),

    Must be a turbo hidden under the tank on that scooter somewhere :P. Anyway, from me also.... Welcome to CoffeeSnobs the DB Team ;D, Im sure it will be a mutually beneficial partnership all round. Catch you on the boards :),


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    Re: New Sponser: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

    Welcome aboard Ofra and Renzo, its great to have you back with your new business.

    Di Bartoli Coffee Centre should be a huge sucess, I love the idea of having all your machine setup and ready for to "play", it will really give people a better idea of what they are buying.

    CSrs, not only do you get a discount on your new toy purchase but we are currently discussing the idea of having an option to pick-up your monthly poll coffee from the Di Bartoli Coffee Centre at Bondi Junction each month which would save the Sydney CSrs a pile of $ in freight. Ill post more details when we know what the are!

    So CSrs, next time you are in the area, drop-in to Di Bartoli and introduce yourselves.

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    Re: New Sponser: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

    I got my mazzer mini and a few other things from them today! Thanks guys! I have written a thread about it here - - in brief, I was *very* impressed! Coffeesnobs, you just have to get down there soon! What a wonderful place!

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    Re: New Sponser: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

    what about the Mexicans (south of the border). Its a long drive to pick up some goodies up for us down here in Melbourne. Welcome aboard to you all.

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    Re: New Sponser: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

    Quote Originally Posted by dennisl link=1155791611/0#5 date=1156050792
    what about the Mexicans (south of the border). Its a long drive to pick up some goodies up for us down here in Melbourne. Welcome aboard to you all.
    Well, we dont have a one-stop-coffee centre, but we do have Chris of Talk Coffee, Veneziano Caffe and Coffee Hit!

    Welcome aboard, Di Bartoli.

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    Re: New Sponsor: Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

    Yes- A big welcome to Ofra and Renzo.

    Hope to pop in and catch you when Im next up north....

    I wish you both every success!


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