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Thread: Green bean (robusta?) prices up

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    Green bean (robusta?) prices up

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Does this extend to Arabica - or is it just the Vietnamese Robusta crop?,23599,20335488-1242,00.html

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    Re: Green bean (robusta?) prices up

    Sounds like more Gouging
    From BBC News Buisness

    Coffee Futures are up a bit but also down a bit
    Brent Crude Oil $/barrel 69.83

    West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil $/barrel 70.34

    Forex Gold Index $/oz 624.00

    Coffee "C" Futures US cents/pound 103.35

    Copper 3mo Unofficial $/m tonne 7589.50

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