Turtle soup, sure. But turtle coffee?
By Hieu Pham
Iowa City Press-Citizen

All Marjorie Morris wanted to do was pour her freeze-dried coffee into a canister.

But as she dipped into the package of Folgers, she got an unexpected surprise -- a dead baby turtle.

"I thought it was a toy at first," said Morris, 77, of Ainsworth.

Morris said she usually purchased two-pound bags of freeze-dried coffee to pour into a canister. On Sunday, Morris said she was scooping into the package when she hit something hard.

After removing what looked like a block of condensed coffee, Morris shook off the coffee grains and discovered a dead baby turtle about two inches in diameter.

Morris said she already had been making coffee from the same package for a month before the discovery.

"Its a responsibility of the company to check their shipments closer," she said. "It could be much more serious,"

Morris said she had no plans to file a lawsuit against Folgers, even though her call to customer service was met with coldness and what she said seemed like a "brush off."

"(The customer service representative) tried to pass it off as though its nothing unusual. ... It seemed like they had similar things happen (before)," she said.

Because many Folgers plants are based in New Orleans, the representative explained that the turtle might have been a result of flooding from Hurricane Katrina, Morris said.

"It makes you think ... it is not just Folgers, it could be anything that is packed on the coast or any place with the hurricane trouble and flood trouble," she said.

But Sussane Dussing, the spokeswoman for Procter & Gamble, which has owned the Folgers brand since 1963, said it was too early to tell.

Dussing said although more than 50 percent of Folgers production is based in New Orleans, there was not enough information available to explain the turtle.

Also, Dussing said she was not aware of similar incidents and said the company would immediately begin an investigation.

The turtle, meanwhile, is in Morris safekeeping, where she said it would remain to show her grandchildren.

Although the experience has turned her into a much more mindful consumer, Morris said she would continue to drink coffee.

She said things could have been worse.

"It couldve been a snake," Morris said.