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Thread: Coffee trends

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    Coffee trends

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Am i allowed to post article-links like this?

    This article was somewhat amusing, somewhat scary: $5/coffee- glad i bought the Giotto!!! *;D

    sucked in Starbucks! *;)

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    Re: Coffee trends

    You sure are mwatt [smiley=thumbsup.gif],

    Interesting article too :),


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    Re: Coffee trends

    Starbucks have failed (or more accuretaly have struggled) because their strategy was to establish their presence on the High Street, because of that they didnt establish and win enough business from the strong cafe presence in existence; Why would you buy a coffee from Starbucks Lygon Street when you normally by a coffee from University Cafe or Brunetti.

    Gloria Jeans on the other hand were a bit smarter (although they to struggled in their early days circa 96/97). They went for the urban shopping centre market eg, Chadstone, Southland, Doncaster Shoppingtown etc.

    They targetted the "Yummy Mummys" and established a strong market which attracted these consumers in droves, then attracted the franchisees who recognised it as a good business model and then attracted the Corporate Landlords like Westfield and Lendlease etc, who fell over in trying to attract a Gloria Jeans in their Centres.

    Gloria Jeans business model has been so successful that the Australian Master Franchisee has reversed takeover the US parent and they are now rolling out this model back in the States (where Starbucks is Number 1).

    Starbucks Australia have only just woken up and are now trying to establish their presence in the Urban Shopping Centres. Gloria Jeans on the other hand now having filled most of the Primary and Secondary Shopping Centres around Australia are now trying to crack the street market - it remains to be seen if they will conquer the traditionally strong street cafe culture in Melbourne and Sydney.

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    Re: Coffee trends

    Good points Metreo, even if you hate the coffee at GJs you have to admire their very rapid growth and business model. Heck, they can probaly be credited with moving most Australians away from the "instant with 2 sugars thanks".

    (below quotes from the Bridie Smith article)

    But not all coffee chains are sharing the spoils of the nations coffee addiction each Australian consumes about 2.4 kilograms of the stuff a year.
    I know a few CoffeeSnobs that are over their "quota"... in fact I cannot think of a CoffeeSnob that isnt!! :)

    More than 1.2 billion coffees were served in Australian restaurants and cafes last year, the majority 350 million in cafes.
    Is my math bad?
    1.2 billion coffees... how is 0.35 billion a majority?

    But there are more coffee drinkers in Finland, Italy and Japan. The Finns consume 11.2 kilograms of coffee per head a year, the Italians 5.4 kilograms and the Japanese 3.3 kilograms.
    Wow... those Finns love their cuppas. On those odds they are drinking 5 times more coffee than Aussies... anyone drinking 5 times more coffee than me would have to be climbing the walls! ;)

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    Re: Coffee trends

    Whats wrong with climbing the walls there Andy? It makes for a nice view and gives ya a chance to clean out those cobwebs in the corners! ::) ;D :o

    Java "Enjoying the taste of climbing the walls" phile

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    Re: Coffee trends

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Freeman link=1141766972/0#3 date=1141858560
    But not all coffee chains are sharing the spoils of the nations coffee addiction each Australian consumes about 2.4 kilograms of the stuff a year.
    I know a few CoffeeSnobs that are over their "quota"... in fact I cannot think of a CoffeeSnob that isnt!! :)
    I think we need to look at this a different way.
    EG: Im doing the work of 20+ people here!

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    Re: Coffee trends

    We Have Gloria Jeans In Coffs at a Shopping center, Going quite well, Franchise owner built another on the south side ( Service Station highway location) near a Mcds, Subway and soon a Red Rooster.
    Owners Father was largest Mcds Franchise owner in SYd? had 13 IIRC and sold them back to Mcds.
    Fortunatly no Starchucks here, Had some once in Houston TX 8-yrs ago Thin and not well presented..
    FWIW Mother in Kiama has some Finnish friends, and tell me that the Finns generally Pay a premium for the Best quality Coffee, now i seem to recall that they were not large Espresso drinkers..
    One of the other Centres here has put in a Coffee Club Franchise in the last few Months, From QLD an Aussie based franchise no less, seems to be more food based and possibly getting a Alcohol Licence, which I think they have in Qld, Sucker seats over 100 people inside and 20+ outside.
    400 sq Mtrs..
    Ciao Tepin

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