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Thread: Coffee reduces risk of cirrhosis

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    Coffee reduces risk of cirrhosis

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    A couple of snippits from the article:

    Coffee may counteract alcohols poisonous effects on the liver and help prevent cirrhosis, researchers say. In a study of more than 125,000 people, one cup of coffee per day cut the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis by 20 percent. Four cups per day reduced the risk by 80 percent. The coffee effect held true for women and men of various ethnic backgrounds.


    The researchers found no reduced risk of cirrhosis for tea drinkers. Tea has less caffeine than coffee and there were fewer heavy tea drinkers in the study, so if caffeine is the protective ingredient, an effect may not have shown up for tea in the study, Klatsky said.


    Entire article: AULT

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    Re: Coffee reduces risk of cirrhosis

    Who cares what that Klatsky guy says, more coffee, more booze! :P :D

    Of course, there is a better way to avoid alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, Klatsky said.
    "The way to avoid getting ill is not to drink a lot of coffee, but to cut down on the drinking of alcohol" he said.

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    Re: Coffee reduces risk of cirrhosis

    I second that..

    .. in fact.. i shall use my coffee drinking as an excuse to booze it up

    "Its OK.. I drink a lot of Coffee" ;D

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