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Thread: Mecca in Epoch Times

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    Mecca in Epoch Times

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    This is just a plug for a friend of mine who does some freelancing work for the Epoch Times. She doesnt drink caffeinated drinks but I think she has explained the holy grail (i.e. god shot) to which we are are all striving. Hopefully she now understands my madness at least the part that can be explained away as being a CoffeeSnob :)

    And Mecca is really good if you have not been there arguably best coffee in Sydney.

    I think the photo is of my macchiato and her de-caff mocha that we had a few weeks ago. :P


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    Re: Mecca in Epoch Times

    That is a pretty good write up!

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    Re: Mecca in Epoch Times

    ditto....its heading back to bed :P

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