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Thread: Coffee and Photography at Obscura Gallery - MELB

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    Coffee and Photography at Obscura Gallery - MELB

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    (Im posting this for Obscura Gallery - *Andy)


    Coffee and Photography at Obscura Gallery

    Obscura Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of its third exhibition, The Summer Show, featuring renowned photographer, Robert Blackburn.

    In Cafe Amore, Blackburn, takes us on a photographic journey through some of Europe’s most famous and infamous cafes, celebrating both the iconic and the extraordinary of European cafe-culture. Images on display reflect Melbourne’s own cosmopolitan roots, seen in the coffee houses sprawled across Europe.

    We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 9th December, between 4-7pm.
    Exhibition runs through January.

    Please join us for a glass of wine and a cafe latté made by a professional Barista.

    Level 1, 285 Carlisle Street, East St Kilda, 3183

    Kind Regards,

    Nadav Baker

    Emmanuel Santos




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    Re: Coffee and Photography at Obscura Gallery - ME

    Looks good from some of the shots on the web site.

    If I were a melbourite, I reckon Id be there. Hope a few make it.

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    Re: Coffee and Photography at Obscura Gallery - ME

    Agree Shannon, planning to take it in over Christmas.

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