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Thread: Official Sponsor - Pinot

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    Official Sponsor - Pinot

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    We have our first Official Sponsor that being "Gr8wineandcoffee" which is now "pinot" - John Doyle.

    The "Official Sponsor" postion is by invitation only as we want to keep things coffee related and is an indication that he is knowledgable in his area of expertise, which is of course, most things coffee.

    Im sure you would all agree that his posts to date have been helpful and very interesting. Behind the scenes he has suggested some worth while ideas some of which we have taken up on.

    As an official Sponsor he is able to answer your posts and if he feels he has a product that will suit your needs he is able to mention it there. He will also have a banner and other links to his website which is still under construction. Im looking forward to seeing it when its up.

    He has also indicated that he is willing to give CoffeeSnobs members some good deals. So keep an eye out for what he has on offer.

    Please continue to support our advertisers as they are the ones helping to pay for the website and its future developement and in the long run, cheaper beans for you!

    Rich and Rae

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    Re: Our First Official Sponsor

    Thats great news, I bought my Giotto from John. Cant wait to see his references up in the NSW advertiser section too (and cant wait for the website to be ready too)

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    Re: Our First Official Sponsor

    Just a note to say that I have changed some of my details.
    My old sign on was GR8WineandCoffee and my new sign on is pinot.
    I have a new email address
    Nothing else has changed including my passion for espresso and vino.

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