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Thread: The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review

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    The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Congrats Andrew, Marika and all the staff at the Maling Room. I love the coffee you guys make and the butter aint bad too! The quote below sums up what I think of Andrew.
    "Lew is a coffee geek, and I mean that in the nicest possible way"

    Another fav coffee crib of mine got a review almost a year ago... eerie... NCAA basketball has March Madness, could this be November Niceness? :o

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    Re: The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review

    Good article Rice, great to see Andrew, Marika and the gang getting positive noise in the press, they deserve it!

    But one day, you drank the best cup of coffee youd ever tasted and there was no turning back. You dont join in the conversations now, you discreetly tip nasty espressos into the nearest pot plant - and you know when to order a cup of tea
    We have all been here too.


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    Re: The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review


    Sounds like a great venue now, and with the plans for the future it could easily attain iconic status Wish we had a place like that here in Warwick..... Yeah I know, dream on :-?


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    Re: The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review

    It is gratifying to see Andrew finally get a decent writeup like that. After Maltitude, he decided that he was going to pull out all stops. You could see that when he ponied up the dough for a Synesso and a bench full of grinders. And the article did a good job of pointing out that TMR is still evolving. As satisfying as it is to churn out a ridiculous amount of food on Sundays using nothing but an electric hotplate, an oven and a gas stove downstairs would be nicer :o

    Im also over the moon that his custom blend is starting to take shape. The Synesso brings out very clear flavours, which means that there is no room to hide and, conversely, that we can bring out the best that a blend has to offer. So it makes sense to put specific flavours that you want in your espresso into your grinder, and its great that the experience that Andrew gained since buying his hottop has enabled him to do this. I wouldnt be surprised if that was what Leanne had been waiting for before actually writing up the cafe.


    Luca "the original AndyL fanboy/employee" C

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    Re: The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review

    Im adamant its spelt fanboi :p

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    Re: The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review

    Its great to see Maling room get this fantastic press- long overdue.

    Andrew and Marika (and their staff) put their hearts and souls into this business and I hope that their place grows and prospers.

    Congrats, Maling room team- your passion shows...

    For those not from Melbourne, YOU MUST VISIT before you leave...


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    Re: The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review

    A well deserved write up. As a Sydney-sider who recently visited Melbourne I can say without reservation that our visits to the Maling Room, and in particular the conversations with Andy about where else to eat (I still have places left on the list for next time!), where an absolute highlight.

    Not only awesome coffee and great food, but also a great bunch of people who are very friendly and clearly passionate about their business, and Melbourne as a whole!

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    Re: The Age, Epicure: Maling Room cafe review

    Thanks Guys

    Our new blend is at the beginning and still a long way to go. Still learning how to use it and get the most out of it. Feel like a beginner again. Not sure where the window of peak is with the blend and also how to get the right extraction. Drinking 8 to 10 coffees a day again, just to understand what it has to offer. Still not happy.
    Must say thanks to coffeesnobs. Hottop and buying green beans here has helped me develop my new blend. Reading heaps on here and always learning. Sometimes if you take time, a beginner can say something so simple, open your eyes and teach you something about coffee. Always trying to learn.
    Its getting a bit busy at the cafe and coffee is getting a little hard. So we are trying our best.

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