I would like to publicly thank a few people,

Firstly the organisers and function people at Cafe Biz.
Your professionalism and attention to detail enhanced what was a great weekend in Sydney.
Grouse people in a grouse location having a grouse time! (grouse needs to be used more).
Shaun, Christine, Matilda, Justine, Thank you.

Also, Greg and the crew from Boema Coffee Machines.
Who supplied a single group espresso machine for our use in Beanology at Cafe Biz Sydney.
They went out of their way to assist us and provided some extra 'care',
when we realised some things were left at the snobbery!
This is good old fashioned service at it's best.

The shots it pulled were as good as any machine.

thank you guys.

from Andy and Craig.
Cafe Biz 2013 AC1.jpg