I bought myself a book this week...

Entrepreneurial Intelligence - Allan Bonsall
Inspired by the Philosophies of Coffee Entrepreneur Phillip Di Bella.

You might have seen the site sponsor banner ads for this at the top of the site? I was asked to post the ads up on CoffeeSnobs and when I did I also clicked through and bought a copy. It's only just been released and is available in most the modern book buying haunts like Google Books, Amazon, KOBO along with where I got it from, MyDiBellaCoffee.com.

I'm off on a long-haul flight in a few weeks so it was great timing for the book release. It arrived fairly promptly and I couldn't help myself and opened it early. Its well written and a great read so far and if I don't hide it in my carry-on bag soon I'll have to find something else to read for the flight.

Interesting cover art, slightly Gothic looking picture of Phil on the cover, looking more like 1300-psychic or "Wizard Di Bella" than the guy most of us know but still striking in trademark Di Bella black