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Thread: Kopi Austrosaur

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    Kopi Austrosaur

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    ;) Thought Id get one last news item in before it gets closed off to mods only!

    From our Western Queensland correspondent comes the exciting news that paleontologists have discovered the fossilized remains not only an early coffee eating dinosaur, but also further evidence that early coffee plants (Coffea Gigantus) were common across the mega-continent of Gondwanaland prior to the post-Cretaceous continental drift.

    Most notably the find includes the fossilized remains of ancient coffee beans preserved in the dung of the Austrosaur, thus proving that Austrosaurus Coffeatus and Coffea Gigantus lived as contemporaries in what is now Australia during the Cretaceous Period.

    This pre-dates the previous earliest known period for this type of angiosperm and is additionally exciting because scientists believe they may be able to reconstruct the DNA sequence of Coffea Gigantus allowing the production of hybrid between ancient and contemporary coffee species.

    The beans of Coffea Gigantus measured up to 32cm in length and weighed approximately 1400g when green. In todays terms a single bean would yield sufficient coffee for - you guessed it - 43 cups. If propagation of Coffea Gigantus is ever successful a certain multinational might have to review their marketing strategy.

    It also begs the question of how Kopi Austrosaur might have tasted following the unique processing that the coffee beans endured through several hundred meters of dinosaur digestive tract.

    Full Story including pics is here: Kopi Austrosaur

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    Re: Kopi Austrosaur

    My God, how will I get that into the Corretto?!

    Will need to devise a concrete mixer & 4 heatgun roaster combo...


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    Re: Kopi Austrosaur

    Just hold the bean with a pair of tongs, and use the heatgun on it.

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    Re: Kopi Austrosaur

    Hhhhmmm.....Time to upgrade the grinder!!

    Java "Grinda Gigantus" phile

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