Car sends coffee drinkers flying
By Paul Carter, The Courier Mail, 5th april 2005

FIVE mates sipping coffee outside a Sydney cafe had to leap for their lives as a car mounted a kerb and came crashing towards them in an area renowned for illegal drag racing.

A Subaru WRX driven by a P-plate driver left Bexley Road, Bexley North, about 10.30pm (AEST) last night, ploughing into a pizza shop and a cafe, police said.

Cafe owner Daniel Abou-Chedid today said he had just sat down with four friends when they heard a long screeching of tyres.

"I saw all my mates just jump and the Rexxie (WRX) came through literally like a big wave knocking them all out," Mr Abou-Chedid said.

Six people were taken to hospital, including the driver. One suffered a broken leg and the rest escaped with cuts and bruises.

The car was sent spinning along the footpath after hitting the front of the pizza shop, which absorbed most of the impact.

"It was like a bomb went through here," pizza shop owner Norman Nehme said.

No one was at the front of the pizza shop where the car crashed into an internal brick partition.

Earlier today, Mr Abou-Chedids mother Lorraine said the area was a notorious haunt for drag racers who used the local roads for their illegal contests.

"Its renowned and notorious for it," she said.

"They come, they skid, they almost have accidents just here ... the horns, these people are just out of control," she told Channel Nine.

Police investigations into the incident were continuing. No charges had yet been laid.