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Thread: Press Release - bean recall

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    Press Release - bean recall

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Press Release. Effective Immediately.

    A product recall announcement has been made by Bretts Beans Inc (incorporated in the Bahamas), for any and all roasted coffee beans with a "roasted on" date of 25th April 2005. *It has been observed during product testing that an unspecified "gas problem" has had a detrimental impact on the drinkability of said beans. *When interviewed by CoffeeSnobs News Service, Brett Pound, CEO and founder of Bretts Beans Inc (incorporated in the Bahamas) said "Our new and improved roasting process was put through its paces this weekend, but we had a gas problem that has meant an inferior quality end product. *Our commitment to quality means that we are offering a complete refund of any payment received in relation to these beans, as well as a complimentary one-serve sachet of Nescafe Blend 43, as can be seen in any high quality motel in the country, to alleviate any taste side effects that may be observed from consuming coffee made with the affected beans."

    He continued to say that "If you chose to drink the Nescafe, then youll have no ill effects from our product, and we suggest you store it in a dark cupboard for up to 2 years, to drink in emergencies."

    Brett declined to comment on the nature of the "gas problem", and when pressed to answer called a premature end to the interview. *As he left the stage he was heard to mumble something that sounded to this reporter like "baked beans make me fart" under his breath. *No further comment was obtained on whether the beans should be served covered in tomato sauce to enhance their flavour.

    A complete transcript of the interview will not be available. For more information on Bretts Beans Inc (incorporated in the Bahamas) and their new roasting processes, please see the related story here on CoffeeSnobs,;action=display;num=1114570 703;start=0#0

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    Re: Press Release - bean recall

    giggled like a schoolgirl ;D

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    Re: Press Release - bean recall

    cack ;D

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    Re: Press Release - bean recall

    Alls I have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Java "Falls over laughing" phile

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