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Thread: Hotmail users - did you get the BeanBay notice?

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    Hotmail users - did you get the BeanBay notice?

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    I have had a handful of members ask why they didnt get their notification email about BeanBay last week.

    All of those members are using a Hotmail account and a couple said that the email wasnt in the "junk box".

    I can only assume that Hotmail noticed a large pile of mail send from here and determined it was spam and removed it.

    At the moment I can only suggest that if you have an email account with another provider (eg: your ISP) then please change your profile to use that so that you get the next mail-out.

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    Re: Hotmail users - did you get the BeanBay notice

    No i didnt get mine though that was the first time i might wait and see next BeanBay. Second *thoughts i might just use my wifes address to be safe *;). Though she may deliberatly forget "sorry honey i thought it was spam"


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    Re: Hotmail users - did you get the BeanBay notice

    I use a Hotmail account and received my BeanBay notification no worries.

    Hotmail has recently been upgraded I believe which may be the reason for a few missing emails.


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    Re: Hotmail users - did you get the BeanBay notice

    Hi Andy,

    Hotmail seem to determine that a lot of things are spam. Last time I saw you came up as spam? on the UCEProtect blacklist - Ill see if i can check for you.

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