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Thread: Time Zone and Daylight savings.

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    Time Zone and Daylight savings.

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    The CS server is in Victoria so the time on it changed last night for daylight savings.

    You will find the current time under the [home] [help] [Members] etc buttons at the top of the forum.

    If the time in your part of the planet is now wrong you can change it in your Profile under the section [Options] called:

    Time Offset:
    Select your time zone

    A quick fudge there should see the correct time on the board for you.


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    Re: Time Zone and Daylight savings.

    For US users ignore your time on here being off by an hour. That will be corrected next week-end when the US does its Daylight Saving Time change over per the new law (US Energy Policy Act of 2005) that changed it from the last Sunday in October to the first Sunday in November.

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