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Thread: Where did CoffeeSnobs go?

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    Where did CoffeeSnobs go?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    For the the last 18 hours (boy do I need some sleep) we heve been doing some housework and testing a upgrade to the forum, all in all the upgrade looks like it will work but we have a few teething problems that mean I need to back it out until I can fix the code required.

    For the last 9 hours the site was in a "Maintenance Mode" which a lot of members would have found and that was so that we didnt loose any new posts during the upgrade process.

    Its close, but not close enough.

    Ill do some more work and testing on the upgrade during the week and at some point in the future we will try it again.

    Sorry for necessary downtime.


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    Re: Where did CoffeeSnobs go?

    I was asleep, so no worries.

    The forum I moderate on had a server move not long ago and our "IT Dept." well and truly stuffed up the move and forgot to take a backup.

    I used to keep a sign on my desk that said "Do you want it done now or do you want it done right?"

    I vote right.

    So I appreciate the care being taken.

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    Re: Where did CoffeeSnobs go?

    Hope the upgrade goes well Andy!
    These things can be a pain

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