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Thread: Coffee Snobs tranning day photos (xposted)

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    Coffee Snobs tranning day photos (xposted)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Gday All,

    Heres a few memories and happy snaps from the coffee snobs training day at William Anglis...

    Heres Coffee Guru Chris demonstrating the finer points.... With one serious look on the brow.

    And some latte art from chris..

    Oops... Wired got a little distracted "Ran Out of Canvas" *;) *while pouring..

    Even the good ones ended up here...

    To save your browser taking 20 minutes to load the page with all the images, the rest of the pix can be found at


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    Re: Coffee Snobs tranning day photos

    Nice shots Dave!

    It was a great day out. *Thanks so much to Chris (2muchcoffeeman) for perfect training. *It really was like half a dozen days of training all thrown into one day and everyone took something away with them.

    Thanks also to Jill (William Angliss Coffee Academy) for helping make the day happen and providing such a perfect venue for learning (and Luca from Maltitude for not laughing at my latte skills.) *;D

    ...and of course thanks to the CS members that have the passion to journey to coffee nirvana...

    Next on the CS social to-dos is to get a roasting day off the ground.... it would give us all a chance to compare roasting techniques and ideas.

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