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Thread: New CS Members Page

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    New CS Members Page

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello Coffee Snobs!

    For the past two years, Di Bartoli has been a proud sponsor of the Coffee Snobs forum. We at Di Bartoli have has always sought to work closely with the snobs community in a number of ways, including; consultation with members as they seek out the right espresso equipment to suit their needs; providing technical support and training; sourcing products based on members’ requests; and seeking to provide members with accessories, beans and cleaning products as needed.

    We value the ways Coffee Snobs have been involved in, and have contributed to, our business in the time since our opening. Subsequently, as a gesture of our appreciation of our Coffee Snob friends, we’ve created an exclusive CS members page on our web site. A one stop shop from CS members only: with one click, youll be able to view all our special offers, events, links to new items, and all community activities on one screen.

    This page is not accessible to the general public.

    Coffee Snobs can access these exclusive offers at:

    As an opening offer, you will have the opportunity to beat the expected price rises and a enjoy a once-only opportunity to purchase online from our range of heavily discounted existing stock; our way of giving something back to the CS community at a time when everyone is feeling the effects of the current economic situation.

    We would also welcome your feedback, and any suggestions you can offer on improving this page, as well as any ideas you have for information or links you’d like to see us include on the page.

    We hope you enjoy it! :)

    Renzo & Ofra

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    Re: New CS Members Page

    Nice to see a CSrs special area, Im sure it will get well used.

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    Re: New CS Members Page

    pm sent regarding demo machine ;)

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    Re: New CS Members Page

    Fantastic specials on this site and friendly help when I rang today, thank you so much. *:)

    But, a word of advice for other Coffeeshobbers *;) ... * I saw a REALLY GREAT special last night on an ex-demo grinder that I had been reading recommendations for here. *I spent this morning procrastinating about spending the money... when I rang just before lunch, Id missed out by 20 minutes. *:(

    So, if you see something you like, do what Im going to do next time and jump in quick *;D


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    Re: New CS Members Page

    Hi Carrie,

    Sorry you have missed out on that grinder, now you have to wait only 2 more years before our next Grand Demo Sale... ;)

    Saying so, few machines are still looking for a loving home! I have just posted on the CS page an updated demo list with prices, have a pick!

    You will also find CS Christmas Specials there, an invitation to our Christmas Party, and much much more!

    Enjoy browsing! pm, ring or email with any queries!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Renzo & Ofra

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