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Thread: When to clean burrs?

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    When to clean burrs?

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    Any thoughts on how often one should take apart the burrs for cleaning and what the signs are of them needing a clean? I have owned a Macap M4 for about 4/5 months and the grind is a little clumpy of late!

    Other option is some Grindz tablets in the cupboard but I would think these only get rid of the light stuff!? cheeers CTGTC :)

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    Re: When to clean burrs?

    I gave my Macap it first good clean a few weeks ago and it has been a bit clumpy lately too.
    It must be the weather.

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    Re: When to clean burrs?

    I clean my Macap M4D about every 2 months
    I pull it apart e.g
    Hopper, wash & dry
    Top Burr unscrew, wash and dry
    Bottom Burr brush all loose coffee, vacuum and dry wipe

    And put it back together
    Good as new


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    Re: When to clean burrs?

    Used to clean our Lux about every 2-3 weeks (small low-speed conical grinder);
    The Rocky got zapped about every three months;
    And our current LSM gets the treatment about every 6 months or so.

    With regard to anything to do with cleaning or maintenance, its always best to start out with a regime that has a maintenance interval a bit too short rather than one that is too long. That way, you eventually discover an interval that strikes a happy medium between the amount of work required, and the condition of the machinery being maintained.

    The "clumpiness" however, is likely to do with micro-climatic conditions more than anything else. I havent noticed our LSM behaving like that as yet but the persistent really high daily humidity we seem to be experiencing of late certainly wont be helping... Pretty much what TG said (with a lot fewer words ::))


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