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Thread: Iberital Challenge or Isomac Granmacinino

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    Iberital Challenge or Isomac Granmacinino

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Iberital Challenge or Isomac Granmacinino

    as my first grinder matched to sunbeam 6910...

    NEed your expert opinion!!



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    Re: Iberital Challenge or Isomac Granmacinino

    Hi Nick,

    add the Ascaso I Mini into consideration depending on what deal you can get. Runs the same internals as the IC from what I have seen (I have owned one and still have the other) but it looks better on the bench in polished Aluminium rather than the plastic top on the IC ;)

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    Re: Iberital Challenge or Isomac Granmacinino

    Another option would be a Rocky - I think the Isomac is around the $400 mark now (was $350 when I bought it 4 yrs ago) and its a surprisingly good grinder - the Rocky I bought to replace it wasnt a massive step up.

    BTW, if you plan to upgrade the machine at some stage, you could possibly consider going straight to a Mazzer Mini / Compaq K3 / etc - if you get one at the right price, it might be worth considering, even if it means waiting a bit longer.

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