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Thread: EM0430 and EM5800

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    EM0430 and EM5800

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi, new here, found some great info.

    I have been using an EM5800 for about 5 years, totally reliable, never had a problem. Anyway my folks bought me an em0430 grinder, even tho I was hoping for a 450 or 480!

    I modded the burr as mentioned in a previous post and its been working great.

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    Re: EM0430 and EM5800

    Thanks also to HomerJ and Pukakos tips in the other (locked) thread, I modded an EM0430 that I picked up for free, and just made very acceptable espresso with it on my Gaggia Classic.

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    Re: EM0430 and EM5800

    [split] [link=][splithere][/link][splithere_end]


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