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Thread: Breville BCG450 - dropped it!

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    Breville BCG450 - dropped it!

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    Hi everyone..
    Ive been using BCG450 for a month now, still very much testing and trying to work out how to make better coffees.. unfortunately.. My son pulled on the cord and it fell.. it was close to the kitchen bench edge and it dropped onto his head.. and then hit the floor..Hes fine but the grinder isnt.

    Nothing seems to be broken outside but it certainly doesnt turn on..
    so, I wanted to open it up.. but it has triangle screws.. err how do I get around that? Well just to inspect that nothing is broken or out of place.. I dont know feels like I need to open it up! :P

    If not take it to a breville service centre? I suppose warranty wont cover it. (what would it cost roughly to get it looked at or fixed?)

    Maybe I will just grab a sunbeam em0480.. thinking about it..
    is em0480 a better grinder?

    Just curious if anyone had any comments.



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    Re: Breville BCG450 - dropped it!

    Hi Minskee.

    The triangular screws can be dealt with by getting a set of screwdriver heads from Dick Smith that cover most of the safety screws.

    Warranty doesnt cover impact damage *:D but really new stuff is sometimes covered by credit card benefits.

    The issue with the screws is not so much can you bypass them as should you bypass them. *Unless you are confident with 240v best not.


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    Re: Breville BCG450 - dropped it!

    ahh, ok I will give them a go tomorrow then..
    No I just wanted to see it inside, coz I read theres the mod for BCG450 as well. Of course I wont have it plugged so..
    And I did purchase it with my cc, maybe they have something for it.. thanks for that.

    otherwise its the service centre I guess..



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