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Thread: Mazzer SJ or Mini

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    Mazzer SJ or Mini

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Im considereing spending Kevs handout on a new grinder, is it overkill going for a Super Jolly over a Mazzer Mini?
    Ive read heaps of posts about each grinder, any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Re: Mazzer SJ or Mini

    If you do get a mini, make sure you dont play with a SJ as youll go, "Whoa! the Mini is freakin slow in comparison!!" Both are deadly grinders though. Im happy with my SJ. Considering the price that goes around sometimes too with the SJ not being much more expensive than the Mini (Im not talking about RRP), makes sense to me.

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    Re: Mazzer SJ or Mini

    Im lucky enough to own one of each.

    The mini does seem slow compated to the SJ - but if I didnt have it Im sure Id never have been unhappy with the speed of the Mini.

    The extra weight on the bench with the SJ also means less bouncing around (that is the SJ doesnt move) - some people have problems with their minis moving around, some dont (according to a thread here a while back) - mine moves - so I prefer the SJ n that criteria.

    I cant see any difference in grind quality - but Im not sure Im as finely tuned as some - and wouldnt seek to argue the point with others who can taste the difference in the cup.

    I do find I waste more brown with the SJ as I grind on demand - but dont always grind and dose at the same time - and it is easy to let the SJ run too long for a single dose cause it is so quick.

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    Re: Mazzer SJ or Mini

    You get used to the pace of the SJ....for some time I have been consistently able to grind for a double without waste...or at most a teaspoon. Sometimes Im a teaspoon to little, but the quickest of hits sees it right then. If the SJ isnt too much dearer and you have the room get the SJ...its worth it just for the smile value - its a large piece of art for the home.


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