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Thread: Compak K3 Touch

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    Compak K3 Touch

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have read so far...spend as much on a grinder as you can afford and then purchase a machine. I have never owned a burr grinder, but I am looking for a doserless, stepless grinder.

    My investigations so far are that I can purchase a Compak k3 touch for around $600 (probably a bit less). Which appears to me to be the top of the bottom end of the market with its 58mm grinder disks and 240w motor.

    The next step would be a Mazzer mini or Macap m4 for an extra $200-$250. Is the jump in price worthwhile considering this is my first grinder?

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    Re: Compak K3 Touch

    Hi Boofy, when I started my coffee journey a couple of years ago I purchased basic equipment and thought it was great but soon I was yearning for an upgrade and purchased a Silvia/Rocky combo, added PID to Silvia and things were great, then I decided I needed an HX to be able to cater for groups of guests wanting milk drinks, purchased the HX and now thanks to Kevin Rudds donation I am looking at a new grinder in the Mazzer Super Jolly, Macap M4D range.
    If you are searching for great espresso get the best possible grinder you can afford, even if you have to wait a little longer for an espresso machine.
    The Compak K3 is very popular with CSers and you could do far worse than go for it.
    Good luck with your decision
    and be warned upgraditis is always lurking just around the corner!!!!

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    Re: Compak K3 Touch

    The K3 touch is clean, quiet and generally doses the coffee into the actual basket. It is probably not as solid as the mini mazzer but maybe the mazzer is a little overpriced in comparison with the Compak K3. I use a K10, K6 and K3 touch at Real Coffee and have a back up Mazzer Super Jolly. I find the mazzer really messy and wasteful and noisy in comparison the the compaks (or is it compax).

    The K3 is pretty tall so you may want to check that it will fit into where you want it too.


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