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Thread: newbie on a mission for that wondedrful cup!

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    newbie on a mission for that wondedrful cup!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    hi all. new here. ive read several threads about grinder being important, well very important, and was just wondering whether anyone had opinions on the silver bodum grinder? is it good enough to make a decent cup? i have the breville ikon, a corretto and one of those silver tampers sold by that coffee academy or some such...anyway it fits a little loose in the retro-fitted non-pressurised baskets i got for it. cheers!

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    Re: newbie on a mission for that wondedrful cup!

    If the grinder has burrs similar to the Solis 166/DeLonghi KG100 (see this article then Id say it is marginal. How much does it cost?

    Id get the Sunbeam EM0480 or EM0450

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    Re: newbie on a mission for that wondedrful cup!

    Also have a read here most saying suitable for Press, drip etc.

    For Espresso look at minimum Ibiteral Challenge, Ascaso I mini, or the Sunbeams above. Either that or stretch the budget and go for a Rocky (new or there is one S/Hand here at present).

    A better grinder will outlive a cheaper Espresso machine and still do you if you get a little upgraditis :)

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